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About the Artists

Debra Cortese

Nature has entranced me for as long as I can remember. My attraction to trees, plants, creatures and the patterns of shadows and light as they dance in the breeze give me a feeling of timelessness where nothing else matters and everything is in perfect order. I don’t always see through rose-colored glasses, but I do prefer to. And, I love sharing the beauty, power and magic of nature’s energy in my art and as designs on functional products. I know that everything is energy and when you focus on something that makes you happy, you are literally vibrating at that rate of happiness. The physics of our universe inherently provides more of whatever vibration we are tuning in at any given moment.

For more than a year, I’ve been learning about and creating images based on the Flower of Life. This is a seemingly simple ancient pattern that contains the mathematical and figurative elements of all sacred geometry. The Flower of Life pattern contains the seed of life, tree of life and fruit of life. Flower of Life designs can be found throughout history in all cultures. It represents source energy and the ever-repeating/expanding cycles of life.

Click here to visit Debra’s website.

Visit Debra’s website here to see more of her Nature’s Energy Art and Designs. She welcomes inquiries for custom designs and is especially fond of projects that benefit the environment, animals and education.

Seed of Intention Gift

If you would like to experience the magic of nature’s energy and art first hand, I have a free ‘Seed of Intention’ gift for you. It is a downloadable template of the basic Flower of Life pattern along with easy, Do-It-Yourself instructions (and a link to samples created in my live workshops). Use this template to create your personal, powerful Seed of Intention design. Here is the link.


Renee Blue O’Connell


Renee Blue O’Connell

Renee Blue O’Connell is a Certified Music Practitioner, singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Charlottesville, VA. Originally from Chicago, Ms. O’Connell got her start as a professional musician nearly 30 years ago accompanying jazz and wedding singers. Since relocating to Charlottesville in 1989, she began composing her own music and immersed herself in the local music scene. In addition to performing in the acoustic music venues, she was a folk radio announcer at WTJU for 20 years.

Blue’s guitar work exemplifies the influence of some interesting guitarists she has studied with, most notably Robert Fripp and Ralph Towner. Her lyrics show a unique perspective gained from working with writers as diverse and visionary as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg and cartoonist Lynda Barry. Her voice has been described as a cross between Nanci Griffith and Billie Holiday.

Blue has been profoundly deaf since her late teens, and her CD, Choose the Sky (released in 2011) is part hard work, part miracle, and an inspiring achievement. It has received notable praise from music critics all over the U.S., U.K. and Canada describing her music as: “inventive,” “creative,” “haunting,” “profoundly moving,” and “full of grace and inspiration.”

She is available for musical commissions for video and audio projects. In addition to working with Planet Waves, two of her compositions have been used for soundtracks in videos for cochlearimplantonline.com. Ms. O’Connell regularly performs for conferences, banquets, galas, weddings and other special events. In addition, she gives corporate presentations combining motivational speaking on overcoming disabilities and performing her own music. She was a featured speaker and performer at the National Conference of the American Academy of Otolaryngology in Washington, DC in September 2012.

Check out her website: www.blueoconnell.com
Click here to purchase music by Blue O’Connell.


Sally J Smith

Honoring nature, working with and within the interwoven and interpenetrating systems of the Four Seasons, Four Directions, and the Five Elements is how I create my art. Attention is given to the smallest details. Sometimes waiting hours for the Earth to rotate just for better light. Observing the passage of the stars, Moon and other Mysteries. Attempting to say something old in a new way; that above all else, this precious Earth is our only home. It requires our respect and protection, not abuse.

My images are not Photoshop montages, but real sculptures made from natural materials that existed for a brief moment in time… just long enough for the photographs to be taken. Then I walk away and leave the pieces out in Nature for the Elementals and Faeries to enjoy. The photographs, I bring home to you. If my art can inspire just one person to remember fully that we are not separate from the Earth, but an integral part of this Earth and that we need to learn how to live more harmoniously and sustainably with all of Life, then my mission as an artist will have come full circle.

You are invited to visit the website to see other works: www.greenspiritarts.com

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