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Listening To Dream: Voices, Images and Gods | by Dale O’Brien
Dream Tending — a way of listening to dreams for their archetypal, astrological and personal information — is a powerful method of deciphering their hidden meanings. Dale O’Brien explains the magic of Dream Tending and teaches some simple techniques.

Hellllooooo? Is Anyone Out there Listening? | by Marcha Fox
Marcha Fox explores how diverse disciplines can benefit from listening to each other to find their common ground. In particular, she explains why it would behoove practitioners in physics, astrology and consciousness studies to have an honest conversation.

Listening and the Art of Presence | by Donna Woodwell
Donna Woodwell describes how an Earth-centered spiritual practice inspired by indigenous wisdom can enhance our listening skills, and shows how this practice helped her detect false birth data by ‘listening’ to a client’s astrology chart.

The Core of Our Soul Journey on This Planet | by Margaret Gray
Margaret Gray takes us on a journey around the astrological wheel, showing us the significance of each house to the development of our soul from childhood to our later years. By listening to the planets and signs found in each house in this context, we can create the life we envisioned before we arrived here.

Listening Between the Lines | by Joanna Watters
Is there an intersection between the practices of astrology and psychotherapy? Joanna Watters makes the case that there is, and if the astrologer can take a page out of the therapist’s notebook while applying his ‘secret weapon’, he can take his consultations to a whole new level.

Listen to Your Heart | by Liliane Mavridara
Liliane Mavridara explains how listening to your heart, especially for women, can attune you to your spirit’s deepest desires, and align them with the “Soul of the World.” She describes the special challenges women face and gives specifics on how to know it’s your heart that’s really speaking, and not the chatter of the outside world.

Culture of Conversation | by Calvin Hutcheon
Calvin Hutcheon explores the merits of good old-fashioned conversation, in the halls of Congress as well as over the garden fence, and what has happened in America that allowed discussion to fall out of favor. His remedy: have lunch with a friend under a tree. It just may be that simple.

The Silence Between the Words | by Janey McCarthy
Janey McCarthy takes a look at how nonverbal cues — the bulk of our ‘listening’, according to science — can inform the relationship between two people, and examines how we can turn that listening inward, once we’ve removed barriers that may exist to doing so.

Libran Listening | by Suzana Da Costa
Of all the signs, Libra is the one most gifted in navigating the nuances of relationship-building and decision-making. Suzana Da Costa shows us how, if we can bring out our inner Libra, we have the perfect combination for deep and active listening, both to ourselves and others.

Spirit Bear Listening | by Bev Dulis
Bev Dulis recounts her unexpected call to visit Spirit Bears, a rare form of black bear that lives only in a remote coast of British Columbia, Canada. During her long journey, she hears of how a proposed oil pipeline threatens to despoil this richly inhabited land — and she comes back to tell the rest of us a cautionary tale.

Distinguishing Higher Mind from Fantasy | by Nikki Pison
Nikki Pison examines the “unexpected pitfalls to following your intuition that should be explored to help avoid catastrophic decision-making.” She describes Higher Mind, what it is and how to cultivate it to distinguish between strong inclinations, including instant gratification, and true intuition.

On Prisons in America | by Enceno Macy
Enceno Macy describes how in the U.S. prison functions to silence dissenters, and how plea-bargaining — supported by the legal structure — is building a system of mass incarceration. He contends that, as a society, we’re turning a deaf ear to reality, and details dire consequences for those both inside and outside the prison wires if we continue not to listen.

Total Solar Eclipse: A Warning about Water | by Kirsti Melto
Total solar eclipses give us time to be still and notice matters that need our attention — and offer us an opportunity to change course. Finnish astrologer Kirsti Melto describes Finland’s worst environmental disaster, nine days before the November 2012 eclipse, and speculates that taking better care of our natural resources — especially water — is its message.

Heartspell: Creative Numerology| by Christine DeLorey
2013 is a 6 year in numerology. Christine DeLorey discusses all the meanings, challenges and opportunities that vibration holds — including a reminder “that effective communication depends on outer expression and the willingness to listen.”


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