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Listen for Cancer and Cancer Rising

2013 Annual Horoscope by Eric Francis

Sign art by Debra Cortese.

Sign art by Debra Cortese.

Cancer Part One
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Cancer Part Two
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Listen for Cancer and Cancer Rising | 2013 Annual Reading by Eric Francis
Full minor planet list for the day that the Sun arrives in your sign.

You must be feeling some unusual potential brewing. Regardless of how your life is going today, something new is approaching: not just a passing phase of improvement, but the opportunity to take steps that will bring you to a new level, both in your own life and in the world.

You’ve been feeling this potential for a while, and you’re likely to have been getting results. Think back three years. Where was your career then? Where was your creative expression? What’s developing today is a direct extension of what began then, though you will likely see evidence of a development process. That is to say, progress.

In your personal relationships, something is brewing as well. This may not have been an easy phase in your relationships, but it’s a turning point, and in some way your potential to connect with others deeply has, at least, been revealed to you. One thing likely to be true is that you’ve broken through some old resistance and now are open to contact in a way that’s different from any time in the past.

I suggest you think of whatever you’ve done the past year or two as an experiment, providing at minimum some evidence of what is possible. You remain in a world that is changing and developing constantly. Perhaps more than any of the signs, Cancer is aligned with the 2012 aspect (Uranus square Pluto, exact from 2012 through 2015) in a way that indicates an environment in perpetual motion.

This momentum is your best friend right now. Though you tend toward a stable, secure life, if you can harmonize with the nonstop rearrangement of the world, and your world, you will be able to play the changes to your advantage.

Yet as I’ve suggested, there is something unusual brewing, a sequence of events or developments that will make use of the progress you’ve made in recent years. It’s as if you’ve created a space for something new to happen — both within yourself and the world you live in. As this happens, you will realize the many, many small developments that have added up to what amounts to your coming into full bloom.

Think of it like this: over the past few years, Pluto has been working its way into your relationship angle, which has called on you to directly encounter the power that people have in your life. You’ve had no choice but to rise to the occasion, and to meet on common ground. Pluto has been helping you deal with the density factor of the world, and the way that everything so often seems to be ruled by what was done in the past. Pluto in Capricorn is softening up this territory. One way you will need to adjust is not to assume everything is going to be so difficult, even if it was in the past.

Uranus, meanwhile, has been working its way over your career angle, which is not good for focus but it’s very good for creative and professional breakthroughs. It’s truly brilliant astrology for making sure that you express who you actually are in the world, not who others would have you be. There is something about radical expression here — and that is calling for discipline if you want to make the most of it.

Neptune and Chiron, two other slow-movers, have entered the water signs, and are involved with your 9th house — the house of your wider horizons. These planets are giving substance to your dreams. Having Pisces on this house is lovely, though you can sometimes feel like what you envision for yourself is a kind of illusion. When planets are in Pisces, that helps — and the ones there now are helpful at feeding your dreams (Neptune) and advising practical approaches to having them become real (Chiron).

Saturn is also in a water sign — Scorpio. This is a deeply personal transit, involving the resolution of some of your sexual karma. Scorpio is your 5th solar house if you have Cancer Sun and your 5th house by whole-sign houses if you are Cancer rising. The 5th is an interesting house, the more so for your having Scorpio there. This transit is about clearing out your sexual-emotional pool from the bottom, and making room for many new feelings and experiences.

One dimension of this transit is overcoming your fear of being alone. Another is overcoming any fear you may feel of being close to others. Yet another is clearing creative blockages out of the way. I suggest you indulge yourself in these experiences now; doing so will make a big difference in the immediate future, when a whole new wave of energy arrives in your life. You will want those creative, emotional and sexual channels as open and free of obstructions as possible.

Kronos and Varuna in your 1st House

At the moment, it looks to most astrologers like there are no planets in Cancer, however, not if you look closely. That’s the thing with astrology — one must actually pay attention and it works a lot better. There are two points in your sign for the long-run, which have a similar theme. If we are talking about personal development, that theme is central to your story.

The first is Varuna, which has been in your sign for just under 20 years. This is a minor planet orbiting the Sun, discovered in 2000, that is a little beyond Pluto (technically, a classical Kuiper belt object). Varuna is about leveling the playing field. I call it ‘the equalizer’. Varuna may highlight differences in status, level or power, but its process is to gradually balance out that equation. This has required a maturing process on your part; you have gradually come to see yourself as having equivalent potential as others, and as deserving equivalent consideration.

I don’t need to say it but I will anyway: that’s a persistent challenge in the world, and you’ve had help. Make sure you honor everyone who has kept their promises to you, and who has offered you a foothold so that you could gain some traction on our planet where everything seems to be stacked against the good and the gentle.

Part of how this equation is being balanced is through your understanding of agreements. If you understand how to work with agreements — to keep your word, to engage only with others who keep their word, and when necessary to hold people to what they promise — you can go a long way to having the world be a fair place.

This is something you have to do every day, over and over, until it becomes an aspect of who you are on the deepest level. This is not about merely being a fair person; it’s about how you make and keep agreements.

The second factor is a bit more obscure: a point called Kronos. This has been in your sign for just under 10 years. It’s a hypothetical point that is, speaking generically, about status and importance. This is two-edged: there is a caution here not to be haughty. You really might have to watch this one.

The second ‘edge’ is about having a relationship to the fact that you are perceived as a respectable person. By respectable, I really mean commanding, though few people think of themselves this way. However, though I am reading this from an astrology chart, I suggest you explore the possibility that it’s true. How you feel about yourself, and perceive yourself, will be the most influential factor in how others perceive you. This is why I am suggesting a focus on respect and not on petty ‘importance’.

This factor will be in your sign for decades, and I suggest you learn to work with it. The key is modesty when appropriate, authority in moderation when appropriate, and taking charge when you know it’s truly appropriate. Because this is in the sign Cancer, the theme of emotional maturity is paramount. I suggest that your motto be something like, “act your age.” But maturity really means having a measure of stability — of purpose, of how you treat people and how you organize your life.

There’s one other factor, relatively recently arrived in Cancer. It’s also a hypothetical point, in the same group as Kronos (out of Germany before WW II, which deserves an article — the Hamburg School). The point is called Hades. It’s about depth. You are not a shallow person and I don’t suggest you act like one. However, it’s also critical to put your depth to work for you. I suggest that this would best be done as one willing to feel deeply, and identifying with that as a primary element of who you are.

Hades rules mining, among other topics. It’s about what comes up from the deep parts of the Earth, which is to say, from the deep parts of you. The most important thing is to know those deep parts are there — and that they want attention and the opportunity for expression. In other words, do something different from what is usually done in our superficial, self-centered society: relate to others from the deep part of you.

Here Comes Jupiter!

Now for the fun part. Jupiter ingresses your sign this year for the first time since 2001. This happens as a kind of birthday gift, right after the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice, when the Sun ingresses Cancer. This is one of many water transits in 2013 that I detailed in a recent article in Planet Waves — I do recommend it so you can see just how much is coming; I don’t want to take up too much space on the inside astrology baseball which is covered nicely in that article.

Jupiter is currently in Gemini, which is your 12th solar house if you’re a Cancer Sun or your 12th house by whole-sign houses if you’re Cancer rising. The 12th is the gestation tank of the zodiac. It’s the place where we tend to hold potential (and history), and the full contents of our unconscious. To me this says that you have some ideas brewing. Give them the time they need, as you gradually weave a world that will be ready for them.

Jupiter in your 1st house (said another way, conjunct your Sun or ascendant, which it will be repeatedly for about one year from your next birthday) is about the manifestation of your potential.

This is a transit that can bestow that elusive thing sometimes known as luck. There’s an old aphorism that I love — luck is where preparation meets opportunity. That’s the approach to take. In the sections above, I have suggested some of the preparation that is necessary. I think that there are other forms, which include preparing for expansion of your horizons.

You already have a lot of influence to do that coming from Pisces — the house associated with your vision, your visioning process, your prospects and that which is distant and calling you to come. So you already have resonance here, and the beautiful thing is that Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, your 9th house. It’s as if what is distant or exotic comes to you, though there will still be considerable personal and professional benefit in traveling, especially during the second half of the year.

Jupiter also rules Sagittarius. This is your 6th house of health, work, service and being in the here and now. By all indications it’s a somewhat complex here and now, in that there is so much going on that seems so difficult to understand. Your life is not really that complex — it’s all a matter of how you approach it. Part of what you’re doing is integrating a level of ethics and spirituality into your work that’s not so easy to do in our culture.

This is a matter of day-to-day experience. It’s also a matter of living mindfully. What you are experiencing is what nearly everyone could experience if they were willing, able or thoughtful enough to open up to it. It’s just coming in a little stronger for you, and many ideas that are perfectly alien to others are the kind of thing you seem destined to think about nearly all of the time.

One thing that will help you is focus. It’s necessary in this environment to define tasks that are connected to specific goals, and focus on them. Others may try to distract you with their ideas; take them under advisement, but stick to your mission. I will come back to this in the section below on Uranus in Aries.

Mercury Retrograde in the Water Signs

Mercury is a particularly meaningful planet in your chart because it rules your 12th house. You have Gemini there, and Mercury is the ambassador. As I mentioned earlier, Jupiter is currently in Gemini, about to make its ingress into your sign. Mercury retrogrades are important times for you to spot previously hidden or difficult-to-see themes, issues and necessities. They are times when subtle aspects of your personality come out. They give you significant opportunities to see the world differently.

Straight away, skipping the Jupiter piece, it’s really interesting to have Gemini associated with your 12th house. Part of why I think this is true is because Mercury, the ruler of your 12th, is always on the move. It darts around the Sun three times a year, visiting every sign and aspecting every planet many times over. Then it makes three retrogrades, so it spends extra time in at least three of the 12 signs, on a constantly changing basis from year to year.

All of this means that your most intimate life is pretty transparent — however, it feels normal to you and most people crawling the planet are a little too out of it to notice. Or they expect people to clam up, or are too insecure to engage with anything unfamiliar. It is possible that you might react to this feeling of transparency by trying to conceal yourself, though if that’s true I suggest you relax this and allow yourself to practice more honest self-disclosure — particularly where intimate partners are concerned.

This year, each of the three Mercury retrogrades occurs entirely in one of the water signs (you can read a recent article about it here). What these Mercury retrogrades in water signs suggest is that your intuition will be going at full strength. But it’s essential that you give situations time to work themselves out. You might get a strong intuitive message, though unless it concerns something requiring immediate action (and few things do) I suggest you take your time. You are already a water sign though it’s worth repeating Thing One about the water signs to you: water percolates slowly, sediment clears slowly, ice melts slowly.

There are times when water moves quickly, and I suggest that you keep your channels open for those times; there will be a few, and when they arrive you need to be ready and trust yourself. So, prepare, prepare, prepare. Clear your space, clear your feelings and do your best to clear your schedule.

Taking Care of Your Health

There is a message in your chart about not eating what you know is not good for you. When in doubt, eat less of it and get the information you need. This is the year to apply some humility and get your diet right for you. This will include healthy foods that you actually like. I suggest you keep a list of these; a kind of permanent shopping list, that you add to.

The distinctive thing about Cancer charts is the close association between spiritual health and physical well-being. Spiritual health means two things: being at peace with yourself, and being willing to face your shadow material. They are, in effect, one and the same.

Facing shadow material means conscious recognition, and then doing something about it. It’s not enough to know that you have some issues with abuse patterns in your family, or guilt, or shame, or fear. What becomes enough is seeking understanding and resolution.

Be careful who you take your advice from. Many people are hanging up shingles claiming to be healers, shamans, visionaries, prophets and various shades of witch doctor. Someone demonstrates their abilities not by making claims but by demonstrating their understanding. While miracles do happen, I suggest that all matters of healing be addressed with patience, and an open-ended approach that focuses on learning and working through rather than on fixing.

Once you open up the discussion of healing, you will see that it’s a multifaceted issue but one that ultimately comes back to your spiritual condition: your peace of mind and your willingness to face, rather than suppress, your shadow material.

Into the Future: Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries is a transit that will be with you for the next five years, and it’s truly a blessing — that is, for anyone who wants to make their mark on the world, doing something that’s truly innovative.

There is a catch, however, and it’s a big one. This will take discipline. You need to focus, and you need to refine what you’re doing. Being weird is not enough. Having the best ideas in the world is not enough. Being a bold innovator is not enough.

This is a transit calling for self-control; for actual discipline of your creative abilities. There is something here about how you interact with authority. I suggest you go out of your way to be deferential, calm, polite and predictable when it comes to dealing with authority figures.

I suggest you adopt one or two of them as mentors. Even if you’re a totally independent operator (few people are, but who knows) you need people you look up to and respect in your life; people whose word you listen to even if you don’t agree with it.

This path will only enhance your independence, which is your real goal. But that independence is not absolute. For it to be vaguely meaningful, it must be in the context of the community that surrounds you, and for that to happen, you need to set an example and have examples to follow.

If you can do that you are positioned to accomplish truly great things in the next five years — perhaps the greatest achievements of your lifetime, and certainly of your lifetime so far.

Into the Future: Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn is your relationship house, the 7th. Pluto in Capricorn extends even further into the future, ending in 2024. This is the story of your deepening relationships. When something is going to be in your chart for another 12 years, that’s basically a permanent feature for all practical purposes. One implication is that you and others are having a deepening influence on one another.

It may be difficult for you to tell whether an influence is coming from you or from your environment. Pluto in your 7th is a dynamic; it’s not one force or the other — it’s a relationship. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about projection and when others are projecting onto you.

The moment anything emerges as a power struggle, stop and account for your projections, and as objectively as you can, account for your feelings and your conduct. Why did you act a certain way? Why do you feel the way you’re feeling? What is the source of the conflict?

Projection is difficult to spot because it’s so mingled in with how the human brain perceives everything. Therefore, you must learn to be honest with yourself, which includes taking a balanced view of yourself, particularly in the midst of deep relationship encounters. Note your own contribution to any problems or tension that you’re facing and offer that as the first step in resolution. Then see what the other person does.

Also, the water factor means time is on your side when it comes to figuring out what’s really going on between you and other people. So take your time and keep your options in your awareness while you’re doing so.

Into the Future: Chiron and Neptune in Pisces

This is a reminder to honor your dreams and your vision all the time, no matter how ‘impossible’ or distant they may seem. Chiron in Pisces extends out to 2019 and Neptune in Pisces extends until 2026. You have the space for a lot of visioning here, and there is the suggestion to embrace your life as a journey rather than as a destination or fixed entity.

The Pisces factor in your life has one succinct message: you become what you believe. Therefore, be conscious of what you believe, because it’s the thing that’s most likely to become true for you.


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