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Listen for Gemini and Gemini Rising

2013 Annual Horoscope by Eric Francis

Sign art by Debra Cortese.

Sign art by Debra Cortese.

Gemini Part One
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Gemini Part Two
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Listen for Gemini and Gemini Rising | 2013 Annual Reading by Eric Francis
Full minor planet list for the day that the Sun arrives in your sign.

Somewhere amidst all the complexity, reactivity and seeming pressure of your relationships and your relational tendencies, you need to find some simplicity. Another word for that would be clarity. You need a source of dependable information, something to confirm whether a situation or environment is right, and an opportunity to share or at least open up in that environment.

You need a dependable place of refuge. Well, a place, though there are plenty of times that you will be inclined to seek refuge in companionship. That needs to be of the deep variety — the kind that really counts for you, that affirms your existence. You are being drawn there, and your capacity for it is opening up.

Yet if you’re doing that during a phase in your life where relationships are presenting certain spiritual and psychological challenges, you need a way to tell what is a safe person or place for you. The whole matter of choice becomes exceedingly important. What you choose is what you get. Therefore, you need a conscious basis for choice.

Here is what I suggest: How do you feel about yourself in any given environment, or with any given person? I don’t mean ‘how do you feel’ as much as how you feel about yourself. Do you feel good about your existence? Do you feel like you belong on the planet? Do you feel your potential, and feel like there are open doors?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’re probably in a situation where you belong. If you’re somewhere and you start to hate yourself, or doubt yourself, or if you find this to be a persistent condition, then you’re probably not in the right place. The thing is, you would need to recognize these feelings for what they are. If you’re feeling weird or uneasy, sort out that feeling.

The central challenge seems to be that your environment, and your relationship environment (indicated by Sagittarius, your 7th solar house for Gemini Sun and 7th by whole-sign houses for Gemini rising), has been turbulent for quite a while, and you’ve gotten used to it to the point where it seems normal. The influences coming through this angle are indeed challenging. They are also longterm influences and what is more, there are very few astrologers who know any of this is happening, much less what it means.

I am referring to a cluster of planets in Sagittarius that’s so complex the pattern has to be taken as a whole. I can tell you that it has several properties: one is that it’s multigenerational. Another is that it involves a family pattern going back to before your birth. Another is that when a reaction begins in a relational situation, it’s very difficult to get under control, so that control has to come in advance. This reactivity can manifest as unnecessary drama.

Finally, there seems to be something about people who show up in your sphere of influence who have this little issue about not knowing the difference between right and wrong, or truth and lies. They leave that bit to you, including the part about figuring out that they have a disconnect.

I propose, however, that you can sidestep all of this by paying attention to how you feel about yourself. That is your barometer. It cannot fail, if you pay attention to it. It is not going to work well in retrospect — you need other tools for that. How you feel about yourself will unfailingly tell you if you’re in the right place. If you are in the right place, even your doubts will seem manageable, and any lack you might experience will come with the sensation that what you need is not so far out of reach.

Here is the thing about the 7th house: It functions as an environmental factor, but you are part of that environment. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize that you have some stake in whatever issues anyone else might be presenting. The whole projection thing can be confusing because it’s not always possible to tell what’s coming from you and what is coming from someone else — so the first thing to do is ask yourself.

The second thing to do is know that your ultimate power is one of communicating how you feel and making decisions. Yet your real strength will come from the recognition that you are your own most meaningful space of refuge. Though you are drawn to others, you must find your haven within, and then associate only with those who respect your inner sanctuary.

Of Neptune and Chiron

The most prominent features in your chart this year include a conjunction passing through your 10th house, Pisces (10th solar house, or 10th by whole-sign houses). This process began in 2010 and it will continue through the end of the decade, though this is the year that it really steps into the forefront. The 10th house is the one that covers your goals, reputation, achievements and your true calling. It’s the house of your career rather than your day-to-day work (that’s the 6th house) though the two are related.

It is a true blessing to have these planets going through your 10th house, though it’s also something that calls for careful handling. It’s necessary to be idealistic and visionary (Neptune) at the same time that you are focused, practical and respectful of your own power (Chiron). When this is working well, you will find it reasonably workable to convey your ideas into tangible achievement.

When it’s not working, you might feel alienated from the professional world, invisible, or like there is no place for you. If you’re feeling that way, I suggest you assess your situation as objectively as you can (getting guidance from an older mentor if you can) and account for what you have accomplished, as well as noting any difficulties you’ve had in reaching your goals. A balanced view is essential, as is remembering the fact that it’s a miracle anyone accomplishes anything in the world. If a miracle is what it takes, then fantastic — between Chiron, Neptune and your own intelligence, that’s what you will give it.

These transits emphasize the fact that your true career must be some form of spiritual or artistic endeavor, perhaps both. What you do needs to make a difference — make the world more beautiful, or bring people together — and be based on love rather than the drive for profits. That leaves plenty of room to explore.

Neptune transiting this sign emphasizes that point, and Chiron adds another qualification: you are on a healing mission of some kind. But Chiron cautions strongly against a crusading approach. You must take a modest approach, and develop prototypes before going into full-on mode.

I think the real issue with these two planets in particular can be the illusion that there is no place for you. I assure you, this is an illusion. You might have to make your own space (a typical Chiron in the 10th situation); think of this as inventing something. Yet with Chiron and Pisces, patience really is a virtue, and you simply must take a long view. This is not in the interest of creating delays but rather in the interest of efficiency.

Your usual mode of wanting everything to happen or to have results quickly does not actually save you time, because it doesn’t recognize how long it takes things to develop. The groove to get into is the one about learning and cultivating, rather than pushing for the breakthrough. If you learn, cultivate and do things for their own sake, respecting your building process, the breakthrough will happen in its own time. This takes some faith; I am suggesting that you not be results-oriented but rather process-oriented. Remember — a working process is a kind of a result, and I suggest you honor it as such.

Now, Neptune and Chiron are slow-movers. This is a long-term experience, which is why I am saying that the long view really matters here. And Chiron is known for a significant phase of learning and buildup, then a breakthrough.

That said, there is astrology coming that may precipitate things a little faster, which is why it’s all the more meaningful that you settle into a cultivating and learning process sooner rather than later. As the Sun approaches Pisces, many other planets gather around it — these will include Mars, Venus, Mercury plus the Sun in late February. This is a time of high visibility, and there is likely to be some situation where your leadership skills are called into action.

By all rights, this is a truly exciting time in your life. You are coming of age. You are starting to notice that you’re part of the world and that you belong in the world. You’re starting to focus a vision for your life. That vision is closely related to a calling or sense of purpose. You know it’s real, you know it’s different and you know that it seems idealistic. I assure you that you will have a lot of help manifesting your vision — if you’re able to prevent yourself from being distracted by dramas.

The prevailing emphasis in the planets this year is on the water signs, though there is this very unusual situation in Sagittarius that will be there long past this year. The water emphasis of the current moment suggests that the way to navigate is by feeling. That will both guide you out of potentially difficult situations and into more creative ones, though you must listen to your feelings — and that’s not something that mortals residing in Western society are particularly good at. (If they were, advertising would not work.) Indeed, we struggle even to notice we have feelings much less what they are; and nearly every substance is designed to suppress the experience of inner sensation.

As a Gemini you depend on your mind, yet you’re extremely sensitive on the emotional and intuitive level — though your mind has a kind of override mode, wherein you can convince yourself of things. But how you feel always turns out to be true, particularly if you notice yourself feeling the same thing over and over.

I am not suggesting that you suspend logic: far from it. I think you would be far more logical if you allowed your emotional body to have a voice, and it’s going to be insisting on having that voice this year.

Chiron and Whole-System Thinking

Let’s focus on one other angle of Chiron transiting your 10th house. I’ve mentioned that this is the house of professional reputation and your true calling. Chiron here will help you focus on that calling, and you can concentrate considerable energy around it.

However, Chiron has been described as an “inconvenient benefic” planet — which means that it’s not necessarily indicating events that proceed in a straightforward manner. Because of Chiron’s stand-out property, there can also be a sense of alienation or distinction, as if you’re having to do something that goes against the grain, or has never quite been done this way before and therefore lacks pre-approved social standing.

These are the perfect conditions to do something innovative; in truth that’s what your chart is setting you up for. You have to remember to be mindful of Neptune transiting this house at the same time; the way to do that is to temper your idealism, and to begin to extend action plans from ideas you want to proceed with. Consider a dry run or test phase to get the idea out of fantasy and see how it feels when it’s on paper, an actual topic between people or being run through physical space and time.

You could say Chiron is the ‘make it real and see what happens’ factor. You would be surprised by the value of small experiments, test batches, rehearsals, building a little model, or writing out the steps. To do this is to manifest your concept into some tangible form and see what you get. The 10th house is that of leadership, and this is a vital step in leadership where ideas are concerned.

Chiron is the encouragement to think systemically, and holistically. Think of the whole system, the whole process, and how it relates to what surrounds it in the environment. It’s said that whole-system thinking translates to “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” which is true, and is actually a rather complex equation once you start to notice how it works.

Chiron is concerned with the system and how it doesn’t work — and with the flaw that pushes the concept to a new level of functionality. In essence, Chiron is saying use problems you document to map out the ways to make improvements on a holistic level.

As the world engages in a long, difficult transition between paradigms, we need to be able to think systemically and make maximum advantage of problems. We need to know how to turn problems into leverage points, and to use them as intellectual portals into a more complete analysis of what we are doing right and wrong, and why that is so.

One other thing about having Pisces on the midheaven: remember that there will also be a deeply private aspect of what you consider your most devoted work. It’s true that the 10th is a public angle, and yet at the same time you have an introverted or introspective side to whatever it is you identify with that may not, at any given time, be appropriate to share — but is every bit as significant.

It may never see the light of day beyond the people you’re the most intimate with, though that other side will feed the rest of what you do and provide a point of balance. It’s an integral part of the whole system that is your life.

Mercury Retrograde in the Water Signs

Perhaps the most salient factor in your chart this year is that Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde three times, each of them in a different water sign. Though Mercury retrogrades don’t usually win popularity contests among astrological events, they are valuable because they allow us to see the flaws in the system or method and work them out. The key with Mercury retrograde is when something goes wrong, to fix it on a systemic level. Identify and solve the rest of the problem.

These three retrogrades, starting in February, July and October, will provide an exceptional amount of information, particularly when it comes to navigating your finances and your career. Indeed, if you’re paying attention and participating in your own life — rather than getting swallowed in the lives of people who have no creativity at all — you will emerge a year or so from now with some actual direction and an understanding of how the work you do is both spiritually and financially relevant.

I can sketch for you how I see this playing out. The Mercury retrograde that begins in late February is about setting some goals. I suggest that these be goals with an 18-month timeframe. Note, that is not a long time. You may think it is, but 18 months is long enough to accomplish some things as long as you don’t waste too much time; it allows for a few sidetracks and for some other projects to get your attention. It’s long enough to find not just any job but the right job or business situation.

That is going to start with some goals. I suggest you come up with three of them. Not 10 of them, not five and not one. Three. Three things that you want to accomplish between today and mid-2014.

Next, the Mercury retrograde that starts in June is about aligning with your values. This is about honoring a deep connection to what is important to you. I will give you a clue: it involves a nourishing relationship with the world. You have an extremely strong instinct this way; you would be the perfect person to run an animal shelter where even the snakes and turtles got cuddled. Your mission involves feeding people, literally or figuratively.

But this can be taken advantage of, and you need some boundaries around it. Those boundaries will come in the form of values: starting with the value you place upon yourself, followed by the value of what you share with others. You are a resource, and you have to be the one with your hand on the throttle. This is not in support of your being cheap with others but rather of making sure that you sustain yourself.

Finally, the Mercury retrograde of October is about configuring your work patterns. It’s about how you use time, though this particular project is currently in full swing and will remain so for a while; the Mercury retrograde is when it becomes a fully conscious process. You can help along the way by bringing consciousness to your use of time, and your ideas about time.

This is a controversial issue right now. There is a time shortage. We also waste a lot of time, but that’s part of the problem. I suggest you begin by getting an understanding of what you do with your time. Where does it go? How do you prioritize what you do with the time you have? Most of all, what do you say about time? Do you make excuses, or do you come straight from your intentions? Intentions means saying I want or I don’t want rather than I can or I cannot.

Asbolus in Your Sign

There’s a planet you may not have heard of — Asbolus. It’s a Chiron-like centaur planet orbiting our Sun. By that I mean that it’s small, potent and oriented on healing. Asbolus is ingressing your sign this year, where it will be for at least 12 years.

That’s a little like a Pluto transit, though with centaurs the energy is closer to the surface. Having a centaur transit through your sign will be truly helpful when it comes to sorting out your relationships. It’s a little like you’re being given the translation key that will help you figure out where other people really are coming from. Don’t be too sure of yourself at first; use Asbolus as a source of insight, which you confirm other ways.

The word Asbolus means carbon dust. The delineation I work with is ‘the survivor’. Asbolus represents all of those things that all life forms have in common, the first of which is the need, and the impulse, to survive. This is a caution against going into survival mode, and more about tuning into the elegance of this global dance of determination.

I think that the real message of Asbolus — besides the one about how you will survive, therefore, stop worrying and do what you have to do — is to seek out common ground with others. Seek, or more accurately, notice that it’s there. You might be more inclined to notice a kind of survivalism in certain people in your environment, and if you do, that can take some pressure off you because you recognize that it’s their thing, and there is only so much you can do to help.

With certain people there will be a resonance that really does work out to be common ground. You need to test this ground for a while and not take for granted that it’s a perfect meeting; allow that to prove itself out over time (yet another reason not to rush to conclusions or destinations).

I would just conclude with a reminder that if you find yourself in survivalist mode, or if you start to see your life as a struggle that you must endure, stop and rethink your method. Reconsider your goals. Remember that — in part as illustrated by Chiron — what you want is different, and that has special challenges you must adapt to consciously.

In truth this is no more or less than the story of humanity and its sojourn on the planet. We live in what is easy to perceive or experience as a hostile environment, where we are always up against the elements, inertia, greed and certain other bizarre facts of human nature. Throughout history there have always been people who have had solutions to the problems these things present, and yet in manifesting those solutions they are, for a time, up against the same challenges they are trying to resolve.

Remember that. Remember that things take time, but we just don’t know how long; therefore, start today — and persist in following the calling you hear, feel and know is true.

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The Sun’s ingress of Gemini.

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List of minor planets in Sagittarius, opposite Gemini, at the Sun’s ingress of Gemini.

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2 Responses to Listen for Gemini and Gemini Rising

  1. GayGirlDatingCoach says:

    Hi Eric and also Hi to your amazing team.
    Well the easy comment is yep, right on the money.

    I’m in the middle of errr living out the dream or perhaps fantasy and wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. I launched an internet based service as a dating coach to lesbians. Yeah, it’s all creative, now how to create the cash flow.

    Eric, as I’ve spent the last year blogging twice a week, creating content, programs, products I can say I’ve really come to appreciate what you do in a BIG way.

    Now back to the astrology for Gemini for 2013. I lost my big paying corporate job on January 25, 2010. I’ve been creating a living ever since and out of a lot of searching landed on my mission – helping lesbians move out of the pain of loneliness and failed relationships. The 10th house and I have been having a lot of discussions about the path I’m on and though it feels rocky many days I’m not ready to quit.

    Creating something tangible out of nothing takes a lot longer than I anticipated but so far the feedback is tremendously positive.

    I recognized the day the scopes went up that I was going to have to focus on the feeling side of my being a very big way in order to have some of the break throughs I need. Breaking old family patterns from my father that I’ve just realized are holding me back. I’ve had the request out to the universe in a big way for a while now and again, the day you posted the connection to family and my struggle with money got really clear. I’ve hadn’t realized how desperate I was feeling until a therapist mentioned it to me during a conversation. That relates to the piece about survival – to push past fear and being in “survival” mode to trusting what is showing up, being open to it and working with it. I have to make that decision pretty regularly.

    I tried a new modality this year, scientific hand analysis and learned that my life lesson (in the finger prints) is trust, surrender and intimacy. You hit these points numerous times.

    I did expect progress to be a lot faster and am learning the value of slowing down and creating only what I can sustain over the long term versus just being a flash in the pan.

    Interestingly I’ve focused on three goals for 2013 and will do that again for 2014. Three is plenty!

    Those are my initial hits from a couple of quick reads. I will be spending some time really digging into the material this weekend.

    Thanks to all of you for your focus and effort and team work. True synergy. The music is beautiful. The art work is tenderly beautiful and comforting.

    warm hugs, Mary

  2. victoriag530 says:

    This is marvelous, Eric–I’ve already started experiencing many of the things you’ve talked about, and your reading has gone a long way toward providing clarity about what’s going on. It helped me understand a lot more about the track I’m running on, and I feel much better equipped to navigate it. I’m so grateful to you for the illumination and the reassurance this reading has bestowed–thank you!

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