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The 2013 Edition of Planet Waves : Project Credits

Eric Francis, Editor & Art Director
Sarah Bissonnette-Adler, Production Manager
Anatoly Ryzhenko, Web Developer & Professor of Engrish
Chelsea Bottinelli, Business Manager & Customer Service
Susan Scheck, Articles Editor
Amanda Painter, Editorial Assistant
Jessica Keet, Copy Editor
Chris Clarke, Custom Database Programming
Valentina Serra, Accountant
Michael B. Ackerman, IP Attorney

Published by Planet Waves, Inc., a Washington State Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Charts in “Charts” area were cast in Solar Fire. For display charts, Eric uses Time Cycles Research, and for minor planets, Serennu.com.

Ephemeris Programmer
Tracy Delaney

The theme music for the audio segments is composed and performed by recording artist Renee Blue O’Connell, from her CD Choose the Sky. The audio files were prepared for the Internet by Sarah Bissonnette-Adler.

Dale O’Brien
Marcha Fox
Donna Woodwell
Margaret Gray
Joanna Watters
Liliane Mavridara
Calvin Hutcheon
Janey McCarthy
Suzana Da Costa
Bev Dulis
Nikki Pison
Enceno Macy
Kirsti Melto

Debra Cortese
Sally Smith

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Some items appear under Creative Commons attribution.

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