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Special Edition Audio: It’s All About the Houses | by Eric Francis
In this special edition of Planet Waves FM, I explore one of the most commonly asked questions about “general” readings — how does the astrologer make them specific?

Zodiac Sign Descriptions | by Eric Francis
This gives a detailed description of each astrological sign.

Astrological Glyphs Legend

Serennu Astrology: Ephemeris, Charts and Data

Beyond the Veil | by Eric Francis
This is the first comprehensive article introducing the minor planets to be published in a mainstream astrological publication. It’s about 8,000 words long — a full treatment of the subject. In the article, Eric covers the history of the minor planets starting in 1801, and carries the story through 1992 QB1, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Hylonome, Borasisi, Eris and others.

Planet Waves FM :: United Astrology Conference
This is Planet Waves FM’s coverage of the 2012 United Astrology Conference in New Orleans, which was held May 24 through 30. What follows is a series of interviews with conference attendees and presenters.

Beyond Astrology | by Eric Francis
This is an exciting proposal for how astrology can update its files and do a better job training its professionals.

The Folk Art of Therapy | by Eric Francis

Cue: Be One (or The Kuiper Belt Turns 20) | by Eric Francis

In Praise of Trees | by Eric Francis

The One and the Many | by Eric Francis

How to Cross an Ocean; How to Light a Fire | by Eric Francis

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