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INTELLIGENCE Annual Written Reading by Eric Francis -- Individual Signs

Dear Friend and Reader:

Back in early 2019, I completed a set of astrology readings called INTELLIGENCE. They are the culmination of the prior 22 years of Planet Waves annuals. I consider them my best astrological work so far: the most comprehensive and in-depth readings for Sun, Moon and rising signs.

The INTELLIGENCE readings came thundering through. The nearly 70,000-word project took just two months to write, from beginning to end. The resulting chapters vibrate with the energy of each sign.

These readings have a special distinction: they are an artifact of The World Before, written without any knowledge Ã¢ï¿ 1/2" other than astrological Ã¢ï¿ 1/2" of the transformation of society that was to come in 2020.

That makes them more objective Ã¢ï¿ 1/2" a kind of blind study using only astrology and my intuition as a guide. They are a well of information and analysis that will be more helpful today than when they were released in early 2019.

With love,

Eric Francis

Price: $33 for the first sign, and $22 for each subsequent sign.

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